Check In

How early does the airport open?

  • Please contact your airline directly to determine how early you should check-in for your flight
  • Each airline sets its own hours of operation which is dictated by its flight schedule
  • The airport is normally open during all airline operations between 04:30 a.m. to12:30 a.m.
  • The airport remains open for all airline arrivals or departures that may fall outside those hours

How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

  • Please check directly with your airline for specific recommendations
  • The London International Airport recommends arriving 1.5 hours before your domestic departure
  • It is recommended you arrive at least two hours before your scheduled departure time to international destinations
  • Passengers flying on charter flights should arrive 3 hours ahead of departure
  • **Passengers on early morning international flights must check with the airline about when to arrive at the airport**

What ID do I need to bring?

  • Every passenger flying requires a form of Government Issued Photo ID
  • Children under 18 -
    • each airline has its own requirements
    • please contact your airline directly to confirm its ID requirement for minors

Travelling out of London International Airport

How much does it cost to park at London International Airport?

Please check with our parking page for full details.

Can I get a taxi or limo when I arrive at the airport?

  • Checker is available curbside offering standard taxi rates to your destination.

Do you have ATMs at the airport?

  • Yes. They are located post-security, inside the departure lounge and pre-security in the main concourse in front of Tim Horton's.

Can I charge any electronic devices at the airport?

  • There are power outlet locations throughout the terminal to charge your device.
  • Charging stations that will accept most devices are located in the departure lounge post-security.

Is there Duty-Free at London Airport?

  • Yes, we have Duty-Free alcohol products for international passengers. Purchase your duty-free at On The Fly located post-security and your order will be delivered to you on your aircraft prior to take off.

Do I go through Customs at the London Airport prior to departure?

  • London Airport does not currently have pre-clearance for the USA out of airport
    • however, with your continued support this service may be added in the future
  • If arriving at London Airport from an International flight CBSA services are at the airport.

While You Are Waiting:

Where are the best places for aircraft spotting?

  • There is not a dedicated spot for watching aircraft at the London International Airport
  • Great views of take-off and landings from the Katana Cafe during their hours of operation.
  • You can also get a great view of aircraft just off Dundas Street north on Creamery Road (view map).

What can I do while waiting for my flight?

  • We have just added a couple of local art displays to our terminal.
  • There is a full-service Tim Horton's prior to security
  • On The Fly Cafe, located post-security serves freshly made, while-you-wait sandwiches and local craft beers.

Is wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access available in the terminal?

  • London International Airport offers free wifi via Techdoz throughout the terminal.

Is there a chapel/church services inside the terminal?

  • London Airport currently does not offer a place of worship.
  • However, we are looking at adding a space in the near future.

Where can I smoke in the terminal?

  • In accordance with Provincial law, London International Airport is a non-smoking facility.
  • You can smoke outside in designated smoking areas.

Picking Up or Dropping Off

How can I find out if a flight has arrived?

  • Check our Arrivals/Departures page to get the most up to date information.
  • Alternatively, contact the airline via their website to determine flight times.

Where is the best place to meet passengers arriving in London?

There are a number of places which are recommended for meeting arriving passengers:

  1. Use the Cell Phone Lot to park and wait for a call or text from your passenger. Then drive to the arrivals area and pick up your passengers curbside.
  2. You can park for a "Toonie" per hour in our parking lot and walk just a few feet to our arrivals area. Grab a Tim's coffee as you wait to greet you Mom, Dad, brother, sister or anyone at our "Meeting and Greeting" area near the domestic baggage claim section.

Can I drop-off passengers without parking?

  • Yes, you can drop them off at the departures door, but you must stay with your vehicle.
  • The London International Airport welcomes you to do this.
  • Please ensure that you limit your time at the curb so other passengers can be dropped off close to the terminal as well.


What are the current Security Rules for travel at Canadian Airports?

  • The CATSA website offers travel tips with regards to items you are permitted to take on your carry-on or checked bags.

If I have an item that is not permitted through Security screening, what are my options?

There are the options available to you:

  • You may discard the item.
  • You may put them in your checked baggage, time permitting.
  • Security has options to mail them to your home address for a fee.

Lost Items

If I have lost something, who do I contact?

  • If you lost something in the airport building, please call (519) 452-4000, or contact us here.
  • If you lost your property on an aircraft from your flights, contact the airline you travelled with.