Flight Training

London International Airport has a rich history in Flight Training dating back to 1940 when the Airport trained pilots and navigators as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Today the Airport is home to three Flight Training Schools that provide the pilot with a wide range of training:

  • Private Pilots Licence
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Fixed Wing Training
  • Rotary Wing Training

Fixed Wing Aircraft Schools

Diamond Flight Centre

2530 Blair Blvd.
London, Ontario N5V 3Z9
Toll Free: 1-877-458-5777
Phone: 519-457-5777
Fax: 519-488-0621
Website: www.dfclondon.com

Forest City Flight Centre

2134 Crumlin Road
London, ON, N5V 3Z9
Phone: 519-453-5700

Western University Commercial Aviation Management Program

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies Program Social Science Centre, Room 3207
Western University
London, Ontario N6A 5C2
Phone: 519-661-2051
Fax: 519-850-2386
Website: www.flyuwo.ca

Flight Exec

2485 Aviation Lane
London Airport
London, Ontario N5V 3Z9
Toll Free: 1-800-777-0525
Phone: 519-455-6760
Fax: 519-451-8946
Website: http://www.flightexec.com/