A Teletypewriter (TTY phone) is available at every Bell Canada phone bank in the Airport. The phone banks are located in the Arrivals area upon immediate entry into the airport, by the Domestic baggage belts, in the food services area, and in the Departures Lounge.

Additionally, the entire Airport Terminal Building is a wireless hotspot. This provides a wireless connection to the Internet for anyone that has an antenna - either in the form of a PC networking card or built right into a laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant)/cellphone. All you need is a Wi-Fi (802.11b) wirelessly enabled laptop or PDA/cellphone.

To log in to free Wi-Fi at the airport:

Select "Fly London WiFii" from the list of available wireless networks.
The Fly London landing page will open. If the landing page does not open automatically, launch your internet browser and type
Accept the terms and conditions.
Select "Connect".

Up to 2 hours of free browsing.

Free Technical Support: 519-937-9005 or