Ground Transportation

London International Airport offers a designated waiting area for all passengers including those with special needs who are waiting for a limousine, taxi or individual passenger pick-up. There is a pick-up/drop-off area location available directly in front of the Terminal Building (with multiple spots) for passengers with special needs. The specific location of these areas are described in "Dropping Off and Picking Up Curb Location".

Checker Limousine is contracted to provide limousine service to the Airport. These are on stand-by outside the Arrivals doors to the left. If there is not an accessible vehicle available, there are two options available. You can ask for assistance from one of our Blue ACE staff members available throughout the terminal (identified by their bright blue uniforms); a Blue ACE will assist you in getting an accessible limousine.

Please note that if you require a vehicle that is equipped for wheelchairs or other aids you must pre-arrange a Checker (Voyago) by clicking here or calling 519-455-4580 at least 24 hours in advance.