Boomers Travel Confidently and Stress-free

New AARP Study Shows Boomer Air Travelers are less Stressed and More Confident than Gen-Xers and Millennials

AARP Travel survey highlights include:

Boomers enjoy the leisure travel experience (for the most part): Younger generations report higher levels of travel stress and nervous feelings compared to Baby Boomers. According to the research, Millennials are the most stressed generation while flying and Baby Boomers are the most relaxed.

Boomers stay connected: More than 90% of Boomers travel with some type of electronic device, primarily a smartphone and 56% of Boomers use airport Wi-Fi, if it's free.

Boomers are touring domestically: Domestic travel is most common among Boomers. More than 75% of the Boomers surveyed say they took their last flight to a domestic destination.

Boomers take Advantage of Airport Amenities: Boomers arrive, at least, two hours before their flight compared to their millennial counterparts, who typically arrive with just enough time to board their flight. Nearly 49% of Boomers bought food and drinks and 28% sat down and ate at a restaurant before their flight.

AARP Travel created a series of videos with AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown - to share expert travel tips on how to master air travel from the curb to takeoff! The videos include topics, like: Travel Prep in 3 Easy Steps, Stress-free Airport Check-In, 8 Airport Foods to Avoid and Airport Free Time.