The London International Airport Partners with the London Arts Council and London Heritage Council

London, ON - On September 25, The London International Airport with its partners the London Arts Council and London Heritage Council unveiled two new displays which showcase London's unique arts and heritage sectors to visitors in London.

The London Arts Council invites you to experience this colourful mural of the Thames River created by local artist, Jen Romnes. Created through the London Art's Council's Public Art Program Ms. Romnes was selected by a jury from the LAC's artist roster.

"We wanted to bring people an unexpected arts experience - whether you're departing from or arriving in our city travellers are greeted with an eye catching portrait of one of our most iconic landmarks," says Andrea Halwa.

The London Heritage Council has partnered with Fanshawe Pioneer Village to create an exhibit that is "Big on History! Big on Fun!" The heritage exhibit is located in the arrivals/baggage claim area and visitors can learn about items that people in the past used to wear and carry while travelling. People can interact with the displays with QR codes and take pictures "wearing" antique hats.

"It's a taste of old London while you come to visit new London," says Andrea McNaughton. "You can see how pioneers travelled years ago. But also mixes new technology and ideas because visitors can interact with the display with QR codes. And of course, it's always a great experience to work with the professionals at Fanshawe Pioneer Village."

The two new pieces are part of an ongoing partnership with The London International Airport. Londoners are able to take in the mural and display this weekend during Doors Open London and London Culture Days. As well as viewing the two new displays they will also be able to participate in guided tours of the airport and view displays of jets, helicopters and small aircrafts. For more information or for media requests, please contact: Deanne Kondrat, Communications Coordinator, London Arts Council & London Heritage Council 519.661.2500 x 8484 or