More passengers discover the benefits of flying from London International in 2015

Passenger numbers hit an all-time high in the 76-year history of London International Airport in 2015, one of the findings to be released today at the airport's Annual General Meeting. A total of 481,943 passengers used the airport last year, representing an increase of more than 5,300 additional passengers over 2014.

"We're progressing on the right path," said Michael Seabrook, President and CEO, London International Airport. "Our focus continues to be providing passengers with an 'easy and comfortable' experience and this approach is fueling our growth. We know that passengers like the convenience of not driving to Toronto or Detroit, and the ease of being home just minutes after landing."

Existing direct flights are to Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Chicago. Sun charter destinations include Florida, Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. "By working with our airline partners, more direct flights such as WestJet's connecting flight to Toronto and new non-stop to Vancouver will help us grow," said Seabrook.

Additional 2015 highlights include:

Total revenue increased to $10,815,123, compared to $10,612,324 in 2014. Business remained steady with some increases in passenger related revenues. (i.e. concessions)
Airport Authority Extension of our lease with the Federal Government by twenty years to extend to July 31, 2078.
Terminal Improvements including the main stairwell has been removed, the revolving entrance doors have been replaced with large central doors and parking equipment has been upgraded.
Strengthening our "Easy & Comfortable" brand is ongoing, with some major improvements occurring in 2015. The outside signage was updated and freshened following the new wayfinding imagery. Consistent signage for the various types of directional signage provides an easy to follow system for new visitors and passengers. The ACEs are all easily identifiable in their working uniforms. A survey conducted in November determined an increase in staff satisfaction where 94% of staff would recommend working at London International, up from 65% in 2014.

"We're pleased with the 2015 results," said Seabrook. "It was a good year - and we believe our best years are still ahead of us. Our role is to provide the right environment for the aviation sector to prosper at our airport and the right passenger experience that encourages more people from London and area to 'start here and go anywhere.'"