The Power of 2 Words

'Thank you' ... what do these words really mean?

It's a phrase people use to express gratitude. Thanks for lunch ... thank you for cleaning the house ... thanks for 'giving me' the three foot putt. Sometimes we say these words just to be polite but at other times the words are conveyed from the heart. It's when they come from deep inside that these two little words mean so much.

Within the last month we have received three emails from passengers to say 'thank you' for things our staff did. Helping a lady with a dead battery or assisting passengers in wheelchairs are not, for us, 'above and beyond' but our corporate culture and the way we operate on a daily basis. One traveler had everything go wrong one day but she took the time to tell us 'the kindness of the airport staff was powerful'. It feels great to be acknowledged for just doing our job.

Regardless, these three acknowledgements have done wonders for our morale at the Airport. These thoughtful words provided us with clear evidence that changing our approach to customer service does change the way people view us. We have a wonderful group of employees who genuinely care about our passengers and each other.

We are on a journey to make our airport better and a key element is to improve the passenger experience. One million passengers at London International represent a doubling of our current passenger flow and we are sure we can do it. Our brand and our culture is the "Easy & Comfortable" airport and we mean business.

So thank you to the passengers who took the time to say 'thank you' to us. With all the good things happening at London International, it is rewarding to learn our passengers appreciate the work we are doing.