Soaring above the Clouds - our 2016 Goal was Smashed.

Late last year London International set a lofty goal. It was to have half a million passengers through the airport in 2016.

Now the numbers are in.

We didn't just squeak by the landmark number. The record was shattered as 514,685 people chose London as their terminal. All the partners and staff at London International Airport want to thank you for using London.

Our passengers say London is the easy and comfortable airport. This is not by chance, but rather by design. Management undertook a different approach to capitalize on the results of a recent passenger survey. From having our front line staff - the ACEs - to our tenants and partners all be empowered to be helpful and solution oriented, the approach seems to be working. We recently asked passengers about why they are using London and their comments were so positive and honest, they are being used in our current radio campaign.

As you travel into our out of London International this year, we hope you will feel welcome and find the terminal experience 'easy and comfortable'.

Thank you from all the staff at London International Airport.