Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The Greater London International Airport Authority (GLIAA) recognizes the value of operating in a sustainable manner and the importance of sound environmental management for the benefit of our community. As such, we are committed to conducting operations at the London International Airport in a way that effectively manages and, where possible, minimizes environmental impacts.

To achieve this objective GLIAA commits to the following:

* Complying with all legislative requirements related to the environment and where possible exceeding them;

* Tracking Airport Carbon footprint on an annual basis and identifying opportunities for carbon reduction and improvements in energy efficiency;

* Responsibly selecting and utilizing chemicals so to minimize risk to airport lands and surrounding waterways;

* Actively pursuing pollution prevention and waste reduction initiatives;

* Monitoring Crumlin Creek for any potential contaminants;

* Ensuring all construction and facility alteration projects on airport property are performed in a sustainable manger, so that all associated environmental impacts are as low as reasonably achievable;

* Ensuring all operations, purchases and practices controlled by GLIAA are conducted in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner; and

* Communicating GLIAA's environmental commitments to all relevant stakeholders, as required, and also employees, tenants and their business partners and the surrounding community.